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Are you Exhausted and Need some Inspiration?

Are You and Your Home suffering from Post-Holiday Syndrome? 

After the holidays, it's hard to get that pizzazz that your home had with all the holiday decorations. It may look empty, dull and lackluster. Besides being exhausted with everything, your home and you may need some pampering. 

Chances are a hint of spring, a touch of color (not green and red) could put you back on track. (Mark your calendar for the Philadelphia Flower Show, March 3 to 11th). 

Try adding flowers like tulips to your breakfast table. Or, re-arrange your coffee table and add some new magazines to get you inspired. 

Remove all the accessories in your Living Room and then replace them, but not all of them. Your room will look cleaner, simpler and it doesn't cost a penny. 

Still not ready? Some of my clients call me for quick re-starts in their homes. A fresh eye may be all you need to set you right. 

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