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5 Easy Ways to Become Healthier this Year

Photo courtesy of Health Magazine 

A Healthy Home = A Healthy Life

It may be part of the new year, but if you’re like me, you’re thinking of going more ‘green’ at home and with your diet.

Where to begin? Here are 5 ways we are updating our home and our menu this year:

  • Instead of using a ‘caustic’ cleanser, clean porcelain floors with a mixture using white vinegar and water with a drop of detergent (non-caustic). 
  • We are decreasing our use of plastic. This means instead of water bottles of plastic, we will use our filtered water in a glass container. Also, we are changing to the use of glass for storing food vs. plastic bags.
  • Our microwave will be quieter than usual. According to one of my new books, The Paleo Cardiologist and also an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on Huffington Post it’s suggested that foods that are microwaved may create high levels of electromagnetic fields in your kitchen and may cause issues with the heart (according to Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University.)
  • Since starting to follow the Bulletproof Diet plan, we now eat more organic greens and protein. No need to consume greens or proteins hampered by pesticides. Just the thought of pesticides affects my appetite!

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