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Go from Dark and Drab with a Little Pizazz

Photo courtesy of Nick Olsen and House Beautiful

One of the easiest ways to capture an updated look and add some pizazz to your home is by weaving a theme into your decorating scheme. Designer Nick Olsen did a fantastic job of this in a home he decorated for a client (as shown in the photo above).
He used bold green graphic lines throughout the home. For instance, he designed a white slip-covered sofa with the contrast of an emerald green welt.
Olsen also added a splash of green with a chevron design on a bedroom chest.

Another home that accomplished this successfully had a checkerboard theme. The checkerboard pattern was scattered throughout the house on walls, on floors and even on a sofa pillow.
For instance, a wall was painted in a faded checkerboard pattern. The pattern also showed up in a kitchen cutting board, a tile floor, a dining room tablecloth and on powder room guest towels.

But, what made it so successful was how it was achieved in a subtle manner

Repeating a graphic element has the power of pulling rooms together.

Define what shape you are drawn to (chevron, checkerboard, circles, triangles, animal silhouettes, etc.) and repeat it in each room. 

Choose and use your favorite shape or symbol and you'll make your rooms come together and come to life!
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