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How to Get Back on Track

Yes, I know I've been MIA from HouseZenGarden blog for quite some time. The truth is (and my excuse) that I've been truly very and gratefully busy with design clients. I threw myself into my work and could not stop for a moment to write, let alone think about writing here in my blog. So, I'll blame 'Sandy' for my absence here.

Since Super Storm Sandy in the northeast, it's been the busiest years ever with interior design clients. The storm caused many homeowners to re-build their summer homes. From the ground up they face daily decisions that have to be made during their re-build project.

What color siding or roof, how is the floorplan going to work and most fun - what tiles to choose in their bathrooms? Questions are everywhere and the answers are found after we talk and discuss what they really, truly would love to have in their new homes.

Lucky for me, they found me when they Googled interior designers in New Jersey. They found me because of my blog and what I wrote that connected to them and to what they were going through.

I can identify with all their overwhelming decisions, because I often work with a number of projects at the same time. The only way to sort through all the decisions is to have a plan, a list of items to tackle first. Just like the book suggests, do the ONE thing that needs to be done first.

And now I can really identify with my clients because my own Master Bath is under construction.
As I tell my clients, it's a process. It won't be finished overnight. But when it's done it will be worth all the work, the time and yes, the expense.

So, here we are now - almost finished with the tiling. The vanity, the glass enclosure and the light fixtures are ordered. And, next and favorite part - selecting the paint color for the walls.

Getting back on track - the only way to get to the things you know you must do is to just start. Start one thing today. Yesterday, we got 'back on track' at the gym. Today, back on track at the gym, this blog and later today - selecting our paint color for the bathroom after work.

What's on your list so you can get back on track?
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