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Start With a Dream And Get Your Spirit Back

NYC's Incredible High Line - it began as a dream!

How You Can Get Your Spirit Back By Starting With a Dream

No matter where you are today, you may feel a lack of enthusiasm, or feel doubtful or anxious about the future. Maybe you are still a victim of the hurricane Sandy or out of a job, a home or a relationship or all the above. 

But at some point you will be anxious to get your life back. Where do you start?  You start with a dream.

Dream of a home that is warm, dry and full of family and friends. Picture yourself in a place that makes you smile. Go through old magazines and tear out pages with photos of that living room or open kitchen that calls to you.

Pin those pictures onto a bulletin board, your refrigerator or place them in front of you at your desk.

When I am working on ideas for clients and I need some inspiration, I have always researched using magazines or the Internet. You have to start somewhere!

Start today! Check out the links below. See if they can provide ideas to give you a glimpse of your new wonderful life and home. 

My bulletin board is crammed full of tear sheets that feature rooms, fashion and inspirational quotes. But the one thing that hangs on my bulletin board, that is the most inspiration to me, is a note from my mother. She wrote this message to me and I am now passing the message along to you:
I am proud of you today, 
 I am sure that the future will be great. 
You deserve the best!

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