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Five Reasons To Go To The Jersey Shore This Summer

Painted Floor At A Beach House
In Barry Yeoman's article "Why The Beach Makes Us Happy" the words "You come back from a beach vacation (or day trip) and find that you've got a verve, an energy" mean so much to those who love the Jersey Shore. True, there is still devastation to be seen, but there is also progress in rebuilding the boardwalks, the restaurants, and the dunes.

If you've been hesitant about 'going down the Shore' because you don't think it's quite up to your old memories, here are five reasons to go to the beach this week, as described in Barry Yeoman's article from Coastal Living:

  1. The color blue (as in the sky over the ocean) has been shown to produce feelings of security and relaxation. (Who doesn't need that?)
  2. The sound of the waves has a calming, restorative effect.
  3. The tactile feel of sand on your feet has so much power, that it is often used in psychotherapy.
  4. A beach trip can produce lasting memories. Just thinking about your day at the beach months from now, can bring back those feeling of contentment or fun you enjoyed.
  5. Looking at the ocean can produce  "a special sparkling feeling" because we are looking at elements that are predictable like a boat, a seagull or just waves.
So, where are you going this weekend? The beach is waiting for you to return. Look past the streets and head out to the ocean to find yourself again.

See you at the beach!
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