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A Simple Secret to a Great Day

Enjoy a successful Walk 

What is success to you? Is it to be the 'Top 10' in something or to own an estate, yacht or the newest/greatest something? Or, is it to finally take a walk with your dog? 

Yesterday on my morning walk, I was thinking about the podcast "The Goodlife Project" that discussed an interesting concept. The concept is to ask yourself as you start your day - "What does success do?"

My goal of success one day was to write 3 blog posts in the morning. I asked myself "what would success do?" It's a simple way to keep focus on the really important things to do. No checking e-mails every 2 minutes. No responding to anything else but what is in front of you. 

Instead of being stressed by my goal, it actually freed me to concentrate. Once done with my goal, I select another goal that means 'success' to me.

What's your goal? Can you see yourself trying to focus on one thing at a time today, this week or this month? 

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