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A Short Story and Insights From a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Nearly a decade after losing her husband in a plane crash, my client decided to start a new renovation project. I had always admired her spirit, her let's-get-this-done attitude and her decision to forge on with her life. This was the second project working with my client and I looked forward to this next adventure.

I remember the tiny powder room and how we chose a particular item to make the tiny room both memorable and fun. Since the room was windowless and had no special charm of its own, I suggested we add a 'window' of sorts.

We decided to use a boat port hole window, perfect for the location of the house which is on a canal and minutes from the ocean. We mounted the port hole window high to protect privacy for those who entered. On the other side of the powder room's port hole wall was a hallway wall. But the surprise was that when the powder room's light was on, it also gave the outside hall a bit of character with its brass finish and classic design.

This was  not the only room that has a story in her home. But, it just shows that if you look a little further, try a little harder and take a chance - you might discover treasure where there was none before.

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