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Fabian arts painting captured my attention with this painting  

How to Change your Perspective with Color

Did you ever feel like the day gets away from you - Or even a month?

This August flew by for me and it was a mix of lots of work with a touch of vacation.

Don't tell anyone, but I cannot wait for September. Maybe it's because the air is cooler in the morning.

But it's also the start of a new semester for school (not for me but the idea of it, in general) and the idea of a new fall wardrobe.

But its been pretty warm this last week of August and I needed to see something that made me feel refreshed and ... cooler.

I found this image from Fabianarts The painting is so soothing, it makes me feel relaxed and refreshed.

Ok, time to get back to work. Already I've enjoyed meeting a new design prospect, later I'll be working with a Renovation committee to help make some important decisions. 

Later... I think I'll look at some more paintings. 

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