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Need Post Holiday Inspiration? Do This ...

A walk in the cold beats reading e-mails any day!

What's the real Truth about your Holiday?

The holidays can take a toll on more than our pocketbooks. It's supposed to be a fun and engaging time. But for many, it's stress upon stress. 

The stress might be from your family, your weight gain or from lack of exercise or money.

Instead of just complaining about the stress, you could invent a way to bring back some real joy or enthusiasm in your life.

Here are a few things I've done lately to restore my spirit:

  • A daily walk changes your mood instantly - try at least a 30 minute walk
  • Read books that speak to you and your interests - see what I'm reading now below
  • Listen to a podcast that gives you inspiration - I listened to 'Good Life Podcast' this morning and it's content was so interesting hearing the Power of Habit author, Charles Duhigg
  • Decide on a habit you'd like to start or change - less or better food, less alcohol or more exercise
  • List in your mind all the things you are thankful for at the start of the day

What I'm reading now that you may enjoiy too:

"The Four Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss  - great to get you back on a good track soon

"Architecture to Construction" by Paul D. Rugarber   - must read for my clients who are building a new home ($2.99 is a small price to pay for a book on Kindle!)

"The Dead Presidents Club" by Harris Baseman - very interesting, especially if you like stories on leaders of countries (i. e. The Crown)

"A Happy Pocket Full of Money" by David Cameron Gikandi and Bob Doyle" - reading a paragraph a day could be all you need now 

"The Paleo Cardiologist" by Jack Wolfson, DO FACC - suggested to me by my son Chris Lupo and his wife, Lisa. If Chris says to do this - it's the approach I'll take to be and stay healthy for a long time. 

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