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Do the holidays put you into High Gear or Neutral?

Every season has its own beauty
Tis the Season to be ...(jolly, frazzled or numb?)

Every year we go down the same path. One day you're hanging Christmas lights outside and enjoying the scent of mixed pine wreaths at an amazing garden store, like Terrain.Next day you’re held up in holiday traffic, wishing you had gone shopping online. And other days, it’s just hard to get back into the holiday spirit.

It’s a stop and go kind of month and it whirls by so fast, you can barely coast for a minute to catch your breath.

 But just think about it for a minute. Do you actually know anyone who just loves every minute of this holiday season?

Yes, some people seem to be less frazzled, but maybe they don’t love the holidays as you do.

It’s OK to be a little frazzled at times. - it’s a sign you’re engaged and not blithely coasting down the highway of life.

So, sit in traffic, listen to some holiday music and dream of your idea of a perfect holiday. Was it the inside or the outside decorations, the choir singing, the Salvation Army kettle or baking Christmas cookies or - the Baileys on the rocks by the fire that you dream to recapture?

What's your vision of the most perfect holiday? I would love to know.

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