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Fabian arts painting captured my attention with this painting  
Just looking at it makes me feel cool and relaxed.

How to Change your Perspective with Color

Did you ever feel like the day gets away from you - Or even a month?

This summer there's a lot of work with only a touch of vacation in August.

Don't tell anyone, but I cannot wait for September. Maybe it's because the air is cooler in the morning, less humid...

But it's also the start of a new semester for school (not for me but the idea of it, in general) and the idea of a new fall wardrobe.

Because it's been pretty warm this summer so far, I needed to see something that made me feel refreshed and ... cooler.

I found this image from Fabianarts The painting is so soothing, it makes me feel relaxed and refreshed.

Ok, time to get back to work. Already today I've ordered fabric for a new commercial design project. Later I'll be delivering custom work to one of my fabulous clients. 

Later, I think I'll look at some more paintings. 

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