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Why to 'Never Say Never'

For over twenty years I've said 'I would never put a fence in our backyard.' I always loved to have a full view of the woods outside. Even though whatever I planted was eaten by the deer, I stood firm in my non-fence stance - until this year. 

You see, thanks to our new neighbor who just installed a new white fence along the property line, my world has changed. The area where the new fence was installed made our garden area look better than ever. Suddenly I realized that the hydrangeas we planted last year would really stand out against the white fence. 

But I still did not want to look at a 'white' fence at the back of our property line. So, we compromised and had a black (almost invisible to the eye) chain-link fence installed. The day after the fence was installed our deer 'friends' stood facing our house. You could almost hear them thinking "What happened to our dining room?" 

Sorry dear deer! I am finally able to plant all the flowers I love - more hydrangeas, climbing and non-climbing roses, butterfly bushes, even tulips in the Spring.

Our tiny world has changed and even our mascot Bucky has a new place to play. We are spending more time outside, getting exercise and smelling the roses. 

I'll keep you posted on our successes or failures on the progress of our new world. Next project - an actual patio in a 'bluestone' type of installation.

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